Woke Joke Of The Day

Wow!  The wing-nuts are coming for AI and ChatGPT…err…WokeGPT.

Prepare for an invasion of the Luddites

Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, for instance, has called attention to conservative complaints that the AI refused to write a song praising him, but it did so for Fidel Castro. – Bloomberg BW Daily

Not that the new generative AI chatbots are without sin….

Mistakes are inevitable, because large language models don’t have any inherent sense of truth. ChatGPT has a tendency, when confronted with a question it can’t answer, to simply make up something. These “hallucinations,” as AI experts call them, can be extremely convincing. Last year, Meta Platforms Inc. pulled down a large language model known as Galactica, which was supposed to be “a curated corpus of humanity’s scientific knowledge,” after critics pointed out it had a tendency to invent science behind queries such as “the benefits of eating crushed glass.”  –  Bloomberg BW Daily

DALL-E 2An Andy Warhol painting of Luddites smashing a computer



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3 Responses to Woke Joke Of The Day

  1. Anonymous says:

    So far, AI is a joke. Impressive in its interaction but failing in it’s knowledge.

  2. Alex S says:

    Bye libs!


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  3. Joe R. says:

    I was thinking I hadn’t seen that Warhol painting before….or noticed computers or Luddites as themes of his…then I got what was going on!

    Feeling creative/bored were we, Gregor?

    Maybe you should have said it was by a little known artist, a Mr F. Kafka?

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