Time To Fear The American Street 2.0

Here’s a repost to keep on your radar, given the expected fireworks on Tuesday.  Getting long water canons and the National Guard.

The question is which side does the National Guard side with in the Red States?  Will Biden have to federalize the Guard?  Arkansas, redux?

On September 23 [1957] President Eisenhower issued Executive Order 10730, which put the Arkansas National Guard under federal authority, and sent 1,000 U.S. Army troops from the 101st Airborne Division to Little Rock, to maintain order as Central High School desegregated. – History Channel 

Remember Sarah?  Trump’s former press secretary, and now governor of Arkansas. Hmmm….

Time To Fear The American Street

I used to go home every night as a young Wall Street trader worried about how instability on the “Arab Street” would adversely impact my long unhedged positions.  If you have been a reader of the Global Macro Monitor over the past few years, you know we have been concerned about U.S. political stability.

All good traders worth their salt worry 24/7 about just about any and everything, which, by the way, was one of the first traits I would look for in hiring a new trader.  A high propensity to worry about losing money but not afraid to pull the trigger.

POTUS Gone Wild  

Now we are really getting worried

Rather than being a stabilizing force and a voice of reason and calm, the President of the United States delights in stoking the divisions and tensions in the country while spewing his conspiratorial garbage 24/7.

In the words of Anderson Cooper,  “Man, we are in trouble.”

It’s totally outrageous and moves the country closer to a critical tipping point.

November To Remember

Here’s to hoping we can limp to a fair election in November.  Let’s not let the Russian GRU and China’s MSS take a victory lap, America.

We owe it to the men and women in uniform making great sacrifices for us and what America has stood for, and, more importantly, to our children and grandchildren.

Fear The Street

It’s time for investors to fear the “American Street” or to, at the very least,  keep it on your radar.  If that is, markets are still a market and not a tool of the state, which is becoming increasingly debatable.

Stay tuned, folks

Fear the Street

What is this bullshit?  


Source:  PredictIt

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