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The New Supply-Side Of Housing & Landlord Nation

David Stockman tweeted the following Zero Hedge chart this morning. Clearly, a shift in the supply curve for new homes to the left. OK  – and some buying at irrational prices fueled by artificially low-interest rates and excess money.  The … Continue reading

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Manufacturing, construction and US jobs – FT

Good stuff from the FT’s Alphaville blog. Cardiff Garcia, FT Alphaville US editor, looks at the two economic sectors in the country responsible for the most jobs lost since the recession.  – FT (click here if video is not observable)

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The Chart: Construction Employment

Here is THE CHART which encapsulates the bullish cyclical macro story in the U.S. and illustrates how monetary policy is really starting to gain some traction in the real economy.  With 150K jobs created in the past five months the … Continue reading

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Perspectives on the U.S. Labor Market

It’s year end and time for some perspective on the economy. Let’s start with the U.S. labor market. The employment to population ratio remains stuck at around 58.7 percent,  levels not seen since the mid-1980’s.  This  is due to both … Continue reading

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Will Construction Begin to Lead Job Creation?

Lots of chatter out there about a housing bottom and recovery.  Whether true or not the U.S. labor market sure could use one even though “residential building” employment as formally defined by the BLS is a surprisingly smaller share of … Continue reading

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California [Bad] Dreamin’

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