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Composition of the U.S. Fiscal Cliff

Here’s some background and a nice chart on the fiscal cliff prepared by the IMF for last week’s G20 FinMin meeting.  Note also the U.S. debt ceiling, which currently stands at $16.394 trillion with current outstanding debt at $16.245 trillion, is … Continue reading

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Nowhere to Hide…

Larry Summers understands the risks the game Congress is playing with on lifting the debt ceiling.   Bloomberg writes, Summers said a potential default makes him worry about “runs on banks, runs on money market funds,” exchanges facing “the prospect … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day: SecTreas Gets It

There is no way of knowing how long financial markets will give the American political system to get ahead of this [fiscal/sovereign debt] problem.  But it makes no sense for us to wait until they force action upon us.   … Continue reading

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