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Timothy Geithner on China’s New Leader – WSJ

(click here if video is not observable)

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Cliff Diving – Day 2

No panic today, though stocks continue to sell down.  Maybe some are just panicking before others. Geithner out on the tape, reported by CNBC,  saying tax rates have to be raised on the upper income.  Negotiating positions hardening? Equities couldn’t … Continue reading

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Congrats, Mr. President. Let’s Get to Work!

Congratulations to the President on his reelection.  Time to move on and get to work. First up is a short-term strategy to avoid the fiscal cliff. Next is appointing a new Secretary of Treasury to replace Tim Geithner.   Short list … Continue reading

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The Weekend Read: Equity Rampopotamus!

There are comments that there are underlying flaws in the ISM number and that GM’s (GM – commentary – Trade Now) sales numbers are inflated by some channel stuffing, but the market continues to act as if it doesn’t have … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day: SecTreas Gets It

There is no way of knowing how long financial markets will give the American political system to get ahead of this [fiscal/sovereign debt] problem.  But it makes no sense for us to wait until they force action upon us.   … Continue reading

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“Better Than Rubin” – 12 Things You Don’t Know About Tim Geithner

Noam Scheiber’s piece in The New Republic, The Escape Artist: How Timothy Geithner survived, is a good read and very informative.  If you have a few minutes have a look.   Here are 12 points we found interesting about our … Continue reading

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