The Weekend Read: Equity Rampopotamus!

There are comments that there are underlying flaws in the ISM number and that GM’s (GMcommentaryTrade Now) sales numbers are inflated by some channel stuffing, but the market continues to act as if it doesn’t have a worry in the world. The bears, who are anxiously trying to fade this straight-up move, continue to be enormously frustrated. They aren’t even seeing mild weakness so far. Jim “Rev Shark” Deporre

The Bluebird Electric, a high-performance electric supercar, currently holds the United Kingdom land
speed record for electric vehicles at 137mph.

China manufacturing growth slows further – Market Watch
Could China Be the Next Greece? – The Curious Capitalist
How manageable is China’s red ink? – Economist
Why China’s Heading for a Hard Landing, Part 1: A. Gary Shilling – Bloomberg
Why China’s Heading for a Hard Landing, Part 2: A. Gary Shilling – Bloomberg
Why China’s Heading for a Hard Landing, Part 3: A. Gary Shilling – Bloomberg
Why China’s Heading for a Hard Landing, Pt. 4: A. Gary Shilling – Bloomberg
Why China’s Heading for a Hard Landing, Pt. 5: A. Gary Shilling – Bloomberg

Can Food Prices Be Stabilized? – Jeffrey Frankel
France First Country to Ban Extraction of Natural Gas by Fracking – Scientific American
Is Gold’s Run Coming to an End? – Smart Money
U.S. Corn Futures Plummet on USDA Reports – WSJ

Axel Weber named next UBS chairman – FT
More RIM employees speak out – CNET
Zynga files for IPO – CNET

Farewell to the Euro? – Project Syndicate
The Brazilian Exchange Rate Conundrum – Wells Fargo Securities

Does Government Matter in the Economy? – Bloomberg
Great Recession cooks Friedman and Keynes – Market Watch
What’s Happening to the US Economy? – Martin Feldstein
The failure of Keynesian pump-priming – Calafia Beach Pundit
US manufacturing growth speeds up – FT

Emerging Markets
Is Brazil’s economic boom a bubble ready to burst? – BBC
Venezuela and Hugo Chávez, Lex – FT

Analysis: Weak economy may force second bailout of Ireland – Reuters
Greece: The abuses of austerity – Economist
Europe’s Naked Banks – Simon Johnson
Why austerity alone risks a disaster – FT
Will Crisis-Ridden Europe Find Its Own Alexander Hamilton?: View – Bloomberg

Strauss-Kahn – from Rikers Island to the Elysee? – FT
Strauss-Kahn released without bail – FT
Treasury Secretary Geithner considering leaving post after debt talks – WashPost

Nine killed as Syrian protests spread – FT

Housing, and Reckless Disregard for Risk – RCM

New Investment Strategy: Preparing for End Times – DealBook
Shopping For Stocks? 5 Measures to Ignore – Smart Money
The most important point in market history – Todd Harrison
Where the rich are keeping their money – Market Watch

Monetary/Fiscal Policy
6 Tools Left in Bernanke’s Toolbox as QE2 Ends – TheStreet
Fail-Safe Plan Could Stop U.S. Default Disaster: Jonathan Alter – Bloomberg
The Deficit Is Worse Than We Think – Larry Lindsey

Motion-powered gadget charger back on track – CNET
Nanoparticles: Disguised Red Blood Cells as Cancer-Fighting Drugs – Science Daily
Spray-on Solar Goes Double-decker – TR
The Bluebird Electric, Europe’s fastest EV, will be shown at EcoVelocity – CNET
Why Manufacturing Matters – Technological Innovations Tied to Production – TR

Video:  4th of July for Math Nerds

(click here if video is not observable)

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