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Why the Yen is swan diving

The WSJ does a good explaining what is driving the Yen and seems to agree with us that there is a huge difference between quantitative easing to stimulate the economy versus monetizing bad government debt for which there is no … Continue reading

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Say It Ain’t So, Mario!

Very unfortunate timing of today’s ECB meeting as Mario Draghi poured cold water on providing a backstop for the distressed Eurozone countries.  It’s kind of like holding a press conference before playing a hand in a high stakes poker game.  … Continue reading

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The Biggest Bubble in History?

We are baffled by the analysis of the analyst community, some, of which, are not so analytical.  They say that  Europe’s fundamental problem is that it  has a central bank which is unwilling to monetize sizeable debt maturities which bondholders … Continue reading

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