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James Simons of Renaissance Technologies

Must view. Follow it up by reading this Bloomberg piece: Billionaire Mathematician James Simons Flopped the First Time He Invested James Harris Simons has been described as “the world’s smartest billionaire”, amassing a fortune through the clever use of mathematics … Continue reading

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60 seconds to save hedge funds – FT

After several years of disappointing returns, investors are questioning whether hedge funds are worth their high fees. US Investment Correspondent Stephen Foley gives Troy Gayeski of fund of funds manager Skybridge Capital a chance to defend the industry. For more … Continue reading

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The hedge fund mirage – FT

Simon Lack, former managing director at JPMorgan and author of ‘The Hedge Fund Mirage’, talks to John Authers about problems for hedge fund performance after the crisis. For more video content from the Financial Times, visit http://www.FT.com/video (click here if … Continue reading

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Wisdom For Traders

Colm O’Shea, the great hedge fund manager of Comac Capital, has some words of wisdom for traders in Jack Schwager’s,  Hedge Fund Market Wizards. George Soros has the least regret of anyone I have ever met.  Even though he will sometimes … Continue reading

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Who Owns the U.S. Equity Market?

Here’s an update and upgrade to our mid-2011 post. Lots of noise and imperfections in the Fed’s Flow of Funds data but sure beats the alternative – nothing.  The biggest caveat, in our opinion, is the data include holdings of … Continue reading

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Macrosynergy’s Excellent Return in a Very Difficult 2011

Our friends over at  Macrosynergy Partners had a very nice 2011, posting a stellar return of 9.22 percent.   Even more impressive considering, according to the FT,  that half the hedge funds were down for year and more than two thirds … Continue reading

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Spiegel Unloads on Hedge Funds and the Markets

Nasty article in Der Spiegel, Out of Control: The Destructive Power of the Financial Markets, which helps explain what’s behind the financial transactions tax that was recently introduced by Angela Merkel  and Nicolas Sarkozy.  The article opens, The enemy looks … Continue reading

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CNBC Interviews Bridgewater’s Ray Dalio

In case you missed it,  be sure to catch a rare television appearance with hedge fund legend,  Ray Dalio, who manages $89 BN,  more than 3x Yemen’s 2010 GDP.     Bridgewater has been trashed recently in several articles Click here … Continue reading

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