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TOTD: Who Owns The U.S. Equity Market?

(TOTD = Table of the Day)

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Who Owns the U.S. Equity Market?

Here’s an update and upgrade to our mid-2011 post. Lots of noise and imperfections in the Fed’s Flow of Funds data but sure beats the alternative – nothing.  The biggest caveat, in our opinion, is the data include holdings of … Continue reading

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Why Are Equities So Bid?

U.S. retail sales fall for the three consecutive months.  Chairman Bernanke disappoints the easy money crowd during his Congressional testimony.   Weekly jobless claims come in much higher than expected. Companies miss big on the top line yet their stocks move … Continue reading

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Surprising Strength

You have to respect the price action in U.S. equities.  The S&P500 closed above its 100-day moving average and the key fibonacci level of 1358. No QE today and stocks trading up after missing earnings?  What gives? Just doesn’t seem … Continue reading

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Who Owns the U.S. Equity Market?

The following chart shows who holds U.S. equities, including foreign shares traded in the U.S.. at the end of March 2011.    Notice that 36 percent of the market value of shares were held by the household sector.  Our good … Continue reading

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