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The Economist Gets It…

That is, why governments need asset bubbles as the average real wage falls.   See our post, America’s Bubble Dependent Economy. This also goes a long way in explaining the reelection of President Obama even with stubbornly high unemployment and a weak … Continue reading

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Current Housing Bust Much Worse Than Great Depression

Great chart from the recently released Economic Report of the President.  We suspect the Great Depression housing bust didn’t have the government props to soften the blow as we do today,  which,  therefore, on a relative basis,  makes the current … Continue reading

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China Real Estate Prices Fall in November

(click here if video is not observable)

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China’s Deflating Housing Bubble

Much of China’s rapid credit — 33 percent in 2009 — as part of its massive stimulus program was directed into nonproductive sectors.   Balance sheet risks have increased.   Sound familiar? This could be next year’s big bad story.    Commodities … Continue reading

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One Factor Behind the High U.S. Unemployment Rate

The following chart is the most recent sixty-five-nation Program for International Student Assessment (PISA), which shows the United States came in 15th in reading, 23rd in math and 31st in science.  This is one of the factors driving the high … Continue reading

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Germany Rising – Keine Gehäuse Bubble

The latest Economist reports the Germans are the most optimistic they have been since 2000 and business confidence is at its highest level  since the Ifo institute began tracking it 20 years ago.    The Economist writes, What’s Germany’s secret? … Continue reading

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