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Super Mario’s dilemma, inflation fighting vs stimulus

(click here if video is not observable)

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M.F. Euro Takes Down Equities

Lots of debate out there what took the market down today.  We’re not certain you can tag the first 15 S&P points on a single factor — MF Global, euro,  Italy, yen intervention and strong dollar, or simple profit taking … Continue reading

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Dangerous Merkel-Sarkozy Spin

Interesting read by some traders on the Merkel/Sarkozy nonevent.   Their take away is both leaders sent a message to the PIIGS to either get on board with fiscal adjustment or leave the Euro. Hmmmm.    Now what would that do to … Continue reading

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Did Trichet Hear the PIGs Squealing?

Wow, what a swan dive!  The Euro fell a rare five handles and 3 percent against the dollar in just twenty-four hours as ECB President,  Jean-Claude Trichet, seemed to back away from his previous hawkish rhetoric at the Bank’s press … Continue reading

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Trichet Says Bond “Haircuts” Would Reward Short Sellers

A few week ago ECB President, Jean Claude Trichet, torched the short sellers of the Euro and he is now warning Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) that demanding “haircuts” from bondholders in Greece and Ireland would reward the short … Continue reading

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Europe’s Ricardian Equivalence vs America’s Keynesianism

We thought this to be the most interesting chart of the recently released World Economic Outlook from the IMF.  Japan’s 2011 public sector funding requirement is a stunning 60 percent of GDP, which includes the rollover of maturing debt equivalent … Continue reading

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