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World’s Fastest Growing Economies In 2018

We have updated with the latest 2018 and 2019-20 average annual forecasts and ranked the world’s country 2018 GDP forecasts in our ginormous table below. The data are from the October 2017 IMF’s World Economic Outlook. The forecasts probably underestimate … Continue reading

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2017 Fastest Growing Economies

New year, time to look forward.   Which countries are expected to grow the fastest in 2017? We have ranked the world’s country 2017 GDP forecasts in the ginormous table below.  The data are from the October 2016 IMF’s World Economic … Continue reading

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The Nifty Fifty: World’s Fastest/Slowest Growth Economies

The International Monetary Fund just released their latest estimates and projections for the world’s economies.  We’ve updated and upgraded the Nifty Fifty.  Note, again: 1) the growth is in the small cap (frontier) economies;  and 2)  the continued weakness in … Continue reading

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