Apple Ups 1Q’11 iPhone Shipment Target

Taiwan’s Digitmes, a must read and the best source for supply chain news,  reports,

Apple has raised the global shipment goal for its iPhones for first-quarter 2011 from 19 million units originally to 20-21 million units, according to sources with Taiwan-based component suppliers.

The first-quarter shipment goal for WCDMA iPhones has been adjusted from 13 million units to 14-15 million units, the sources said. The shipment goal for CDMA iPhones, which will be launched in North America and Asia Pacific in the first quarter, is set at 5-6 million units, the sources added.

Global iPhone shipments in fourth-quarter 2010 are estimated at 15.5 million units, resulting in a total of 47 million units for the entire 2010, the sources indicated.

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