Seven Days in May?

We noted last night only four other times in the past fifty years has the S&P500 opened May with three consecutive down days.   We find this type analysis great cocktail chat, at best interesting, but not very actionable.  Nevertheless, today’s S&P decline narrows the field to only one other time since 1950 (the beginning of our times series) has the S&P500 traded down in the first four days of the month of May.   The chart below shows that in 1966 the S&P declined in the first six days of May.   Seven Days in May?

The ball is now in Asia’s court and we are watching China and the Hang Seng, which needs to hold 22,600 for the violence in the commodity markets not to spill into equities.  We’re not making a bet it will but definitely staying on McSwan watch.  (click here if chart is not observable)

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