The Shanghai Cliff

The Shanghai Composite is trading very sloppy again and looks like a break of the 3-year low at 1995 is in the cards.  Last week it tested and bounced twice off this level on rumored government intervention.

Kimble Charting Solutions put together this excellent chart illustrating the Shanghai’s ugly long-term pattern and the importance that current support holds.   The index is almost down a stunning 70 percent from its 2007 highs.

Will another 10 percent of downside blow up global markets?   Who knows and we sure hope not.

Keep it on your radar.

Click on chart to enlarge and for better resolution.

(click here if chart is not observable)

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2 Responses to The Shanghai Cliff

  1. ngenghou1962 says:

    Consensus on China is very positive, but the chart doesn’t reflect this. Does someone know something that most of us don’t know? Looking at the world-record skyscrapers coming out of China makes me feel uneasy. Based on track records, they are the curse to the places where they’re located. In 2013, if I’m not wrong, one world record-breaking skyscraper will be completed in China. Just makes me feel nervous!

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