Who said nobody thought Trump would win?

Given the political earthquake the U.S. has just experienced and the long-term consequences that are sure to follow, we thought it is time to start writing again.  We (I) have been sick, which has temporarily diminished our capacity to write for quite some time.  But we are back!

We are going to widen out the scope of the blog from purely trading and economics to politics,  human interest and personal stories that we think you will be of interest to you.

So let’s start with our prediction on the election that we sent out on Monday night before the election.   We are part of the Socratic Club, a small group of intellectuals (we being the pseudo intellectuals)  that has debating and exchanging ideas over the past 15 years.  Each of us was charged with predicting the election.

This is our e-mail.   We are most proud of the Clinton wins popular  vote, which NOBODY, and we mean NOBODY predicted:

On Nov 7, 2016, at 8:36 PM, Gary E$*%# <gev@#*%@%$%.com> wrote:
I am always contrarian esp after Newsweek already has their Madame President issue on stands.
Politics of rage is sustained.   Trump wins 284 electoral votes. Clinton wins popular vote with 46 percent.

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There you have it.  Wasn’t our preference as we didn’t vote for either candidate.

Now the deluge.

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