Memo To Republicans

To:         The President and Congressional Republicans

From:    Joe and Jane Sixpack

Date:     June 27, 2017

Re:         Health Care Act

Get over it!    America wants universal health care.

Please fix it or replace Obamacare with something better.

Your most recent plan to transfer one trillion dollars from the poor, working and middle class health care benefits to million- and billionaire tax breaks is worse than Taliban Evil. You, and the whole world, know it.

Reach across the aisle and let’s get on with it.    We need to focus on tax reform and infrastructure to get the economy moving.



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3 Responses to Memo To Republicans

  1. rod says:

    When will we understand that the premise is wrong? Healthcare and health insurance are not the same and probably should not be managed by the same entity!
    Until we examine the assumptions the solutions will be unrealistic.

  2. Expand Medicaid for low income people. Mandate private insurance for everyone else. Avoid at all costs people arriving at emergency care for a sore throat.

  3. Mark Vacha says:

    If you mandate private insurance, then people will try to get their money’s worth…. aka, arrive at the emergency room for a sore throat. We keep glossing over the problem without remembering how we got here.

    Doctors visits used to be the norm and it worked for years! But that model couldn’t work when the customer could sue a doctor into oblivion. So then he needed expensive insurance to protect his practice. Now I couldn’t pay for it so I needed insurance. In order for the insurance company to protect the insured doctors, they couldn’t have them going door-to-door. They needed a hospital or formal office. Generally doctors didn’t have time for people flooding their offices, so staffing helped with insurance paperwork, new bills, and managing the walkins vs the appointments. But due to increased costs, they band together to share staff and office space. Then HMO’s come along to help the customer try to reduce all these ridiculously escalating costs. But since the HMOs had staffing and accountants and buildings and rent, costs only continued to rise. Then add in government who felt the need to regulate. This added staffing and paperwork to the doctors, hospitals and insurance companies to make sure they could comply with the new governmental regulations…. to which the government had to create agencies to make sure the doctors, hospitals, and insurance companies were actually following the new regulations!! The presumption of the initial post that in some way “America wants this” is absurd! What we wanted/needed initially was “tort reform.” Plain and simple.

    AtlasMD has a model in Kansas that is returning to this initial idea. They have successfully cut out the HMOs, hospitals, and insurance companies and returned to a “patient first” model that costs $50/month!! Forbes says the annual cost of health insurance for a family of four is $25,826. Under this model it would be $2400. Does it address everything? No. But is it a better place to start than $25,000? Hell Yes!

    …..anyways, thats my two cents.

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