Global Risk Monitor – May 25



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3 Responses to Global Risk Monitor – May 25

  1. jw xu says:

    Dear Madam/Sir,

    I like to read your e-mail. The “Global Risk Monitor” will be much readable if font is

    larger or tables are enlargeable.

    Best Regards,



    • macromon says:

      James, Thanks for the comment. WordPress used to allow you to click on the tables to enlarge. I don’t know what happened. If you have an iPad or tablet, you can enlarge the tables manually. I think if I cut down the size of the table, it loses too much information. I will look more into it. Thank, again.

    • macromon says:

      James, I notice the fonts are different for different browsers. Internet explorer is larger than Chrome. You may also be able to change the font sizes.

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