Ten Good Weekend Reads – January 25


  • Fed Officials Weigh Earlier-Than-Expected End to Bond Portfolio Runoff – WSJ
  • The difficulty of being a bear in a bear market – KNect365

“…Making money when everyone else is losing is easier said than done.” – Michael Batnick

  • Has Value Investing Gone Out of Style? – Wisdom Tree


  • Junk Bond Strength is Bullish For Stocks – McClellan Financial Publications
  • The Rules of the Bond Game, Trader Vic – The Epoch Times
  • Venezuela bonds hit highest since 2017 on hopes for political change – CNBC
  • Carry Traders Are Winning as Emerging-Market Volatility Tumbles – Bloomberg
  • China builds up gold reserves in shift away from dollar – Nikkei Asian Review
  • U.S. Oil Production Is 23 Years Ahead of Schedule – Bloomberg
  • 5 questions with the woman who coined the term ‘gray rhino’ – MarketWatch
  • Can multiple Grey Swans add up to a Black Swan? A brief look at Brexit, tariff wars & more – benefits_pro



  • Max Weber’s enduring wisdom – Economist
  • The Three Revolutions Economics Needs, Edmund Phelps – Project Syndicate
  • The Fourth Founding:  The United States and the Liberal Order — Foreign Affairs
  • The risks of a second Brexit referendum must now be run, Martin Wolf – FT
  • Why Europe could be the next trade war for Trump – Sydney Morning Herald
  • A bankruptcy in the Philippines sparks concerns of Chinese firms taking over a former US naval base  – CNBC
  • Tom Brady is a football robot here to take all our playoff records – SB Nation

What are leveraged loans? – FT

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