Getting Long Semiconductor ETF – SMH

Going long 5K shares of Semi index, SMH at $96.95.  Stop at $94.77.

Taking another facial with S&P short.   Market trades like its offside as Trump is going to cave on shutdown.   China will sense weakness and play harder, however.

Other trades working well.

May take off S&P short before the close, if not stopped out,  depending on market reaction to POTUS presser.

Levering up trading capital only for short-term but market risk mitigated with S&P short.




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3 Responses to Getting Long Semiconductor ETF – SMH

  1. says:

    Bad move to go long smh….semi cycle is turning and mobile phones hitting peak penetration in developed markets….China closing out nonchinese companies and they do not have enough supply…5G innovation will stall amid trade war.

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    • macromon says:

      Thanks, but one-night stand, my brother, on a short tether. Feels like market wants to trade to 2700. SMH goes to a hundo and I am out… You know my bearish medium-term view. Reversion back to the nominal GDP trend line.

  2. Nikos Makris says:

    Agd that China will play harder

    Nikos Makris
    +44 77 9527 2768

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