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The S&P’s Moment Of Truth

Can it really be this easy?  Another Bull Trap With A Doji On Top? If this bear market repeats or even rhymes with its recent history, here is the scenario: Wednesday:  The S&P500 trades through its 200-day moving average and … Continue reading

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Getting Long Semiconductor ETF – SMH

Going long 5K shares of Semi index, SMH at $96.95.  Stop at $94.77. Taking another facial with S&P short.   Market trades like its offside as Trump is going to cave on shutdown.   China will sense weakness and play harder, however. … Continue reading

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UPDATE: S&P500 Short

If you missed it, we sold five S&P500 e-minis at 2582 into the close.   The Doji like daily candlesticks over the past few trading sessions was our sell signal.  Note Doji’s have been the closest to ringing a bell at … Continue reading

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