China’s Pushback In Trade Talks Over Sovereignty


Note our comment from an earlier post this evening,

Seriously, folks,  do you really think the Middle Kingdom, with all its history and past glory, after climbing back to global superpower status, is now going to cave and give up some of its sovereignty because Trump demands it?

President Xi already seems to be preparing his population for the worst case scenario, warning of “challenging times ahead” possibly in the event Trump goes ahead with the tariff hikes.  Maybe we are reading too much into it and maybe not. – GMM

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2 Responses to China’s Pushback In Trade Talks Over Sovereignty

  1. SArgento says:

    F.Y. (. . .)
    If a DEFAULTED Bond issued at USD100 Nominal Value (i.e., the amount you must be paid at maturity) is traded at around USD0.20 (twenty Cents of USD 1 (One Dollar)) issued within a Foreign Jurisdiction. If you buy that bond in that foreign Jurisfiction who respect the Rule of Law (for example in NY, perhaps you may profit 980% per year until the next “exchange” and “many other interests” will be still counting. So as a rough estimate, if you buy a Bond at USD0.20 and then you enter into a Debt-Exchange at year 6 (for example), you get around 5880% RETURN (rough estimate) plus the “other interests”; still not yet paid.
    Now, there may be Many questions like who is “The fault” or “Who is Defaulting?”.
    Many theories, but if you “promise something, then you need to re-pay.”
    The “De-Fault or The-Fault” is NOT in “Your Yard”.

    THEY have to re-pay. The ‘”Italian Job” is in “their yard”; not yours (don’t forget).
    Enjoy the silence.- (i.e., mode in “the” “Depeche”, seriously?!! Naaaa!!!?” )


    3) T.B.D.

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