Trade As Percent Of State GDP (2018)

Who would have thunk it?

Lousiana (petrol products and soybeans), Kentucky (aircraft), Michigan (auto & parts), Texas (oil),  South Carolina (aircraft & auto),  and Tennessee (medical equipment, aircraft & auto, parts), the states most engaged in international trade (i.e., > 30 percent of state GDP).  Note, the state parentheticals reference only exports.

The Machiavelli in me thinks Trump understands, ex. Michigan, these are deep red states and will support him regardless if they get hurt in an escalation of protectionism and de-globalization.

The realist in me thinks Trump & Co. do not play the long game and think only in the now.


Logic almost always missing in politics.

Yes, very simplistic-off-the cuff formulation of opinion.   Show us yours?




Hat Tip:  Mark J. Perry  @Mark_J_Perry


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