Watch This [WeWork] Space

A very smart friend of mine thinks WeWork could be the Lehman-like trigger that causes risk premiums, including equity,  to blow out.  Jamie to the rescue with a $5 billion line of credit?

And to think investors almost got stuffed with what was originally valued close to a $50 billion IPO of this toxic waste just a few months ago. Where is the SEC?

We are far from experts on WeWork.  To get the good oil on this fiasco go to NYU prof, Scott Galloway’s blog.

Commercial Real Estate Fallout

WeWork will almost certainly, if it hasn’t already, put, the big hurt on commercial real estate, particularly in New York City and San Francisco,


WeWork has become the biggest tenant in the booming “flexible office” space sector where it holds leases on about 11 million square-feet of the total 70 million square-feet dedicated to the new breed of real estate nationally, according to real-estate brokerage firm CBRE.

The potential spillover, should WeWork start giving back its space, could “negatively affect the valuations of surrounding office properties in those cities – even if they don’t have direct exposure to WeWork,” Bank of America Merrill Lynch analysts wrote in a weekly client note. – MarketWatch


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