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Foreign Investors in U.S. Real Estate

Good piece in the IBD last week on foreign investment in U.S. real estate. Money quotes: …“Many foreign buyers now see luxury U.S. real estate as a store of value,” said Dolly Lenz, CEO of her namesake real estate firm. … Continue reading

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London rents squeeze the young – FT

The soaring cost of London living is pushing the finances of young people to the brink. Katie Morley reports on how a number are now starting to question how much longer they will be able to call the UK capital … Continue reading

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If Houses Traded Like Bonds

As the 10-year Treasury yield approaches 3 percent let’s take a look at the recent spike in mortgage rates and its micro impact on the housing market and average home buyer. The chart below shows 30-year fixed mortgage rates have … Continue reading

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Stratfor: Global Effects of China’s Real Estate Lending

You think housing is an important sector in the U.S.? Stratfor reports real estate accounts for 14% of China’s GDP and housing construction is the source of 48% of the country’s steel consumption. Stratfor East Asia analyst John Minnich examines … Continue reading

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Mr. Irrational Exuberence on U.S. Housing

Remember,  it was Yale prof. Robert Shiller who was the original source of the term “irrational exuberance” and not, as everyone thinks,  Mr. Greenspan (see here).    His opinions are worth a listen as he nailed the top in both the stock … Continue reading

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Charlie Rose: Joe Stiglitiz, Housing’s Not Coming Back

Professor Stiglitz’ Nobel credentials really shine with his current understanding of the U.S. economy in this interview with Charlie, which took place last month.  They discuss many issues,  including LIBOR,  derivatives,  European banks,  too big to fail, the fiscal cliff, … Continue reading

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Real Chance of Japan-like Housing Slump – Robert Shiller

Robert Shiller, who coined the term “irrational exuberance,” is one of our favorite economists.   He really nails it here on the structural shifts taking place in housing.   We agree there is a generational change going on in the sector where … Continue reading

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Picture of the Day: Spain’s Real Estate Bust

Apartment blocks in Sesena in the Toledo Provence near Madrid, Spain, seen on February 9, 2012. Only a 45-minute drive from downtown Madrid, towering vacant apartment blocks loom over empty streets and weed-filled lots. Apartments galore are for sale and … Continue reading

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China Real Estate: “Prices Will Fall By 50%”

Sound familiar?  Keep this one on your radar. NTD Television writes, Chinese real estate has been seen as such a quick and lucrative investment that a special term, “chao fangzi” or “stir-frying houses,” was invented to describe property speculation. But … Continue reading

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They’re Back………………

Well, not really.  A good friend of the Global Macro Monitor sent this over yesterday, which reflects a modified version of the mortgages that drove the Housing ATM and economy before the bust.    You can now refinance your home up … Continue reading

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