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The ‘Bots Are Coming For The Surgeons

Mar.23 — This robot may be the surgeon of the future. Created by Auris Health, it is designed to conduct a biopsy. This demonstration shows how the device will operate on and maneuver through a human lung. In the future, … Continue reading

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Jack Ma: KFC Reject to Asia’s Richest Man – Bloomberg

Great story. Jack Ma wasn’t born rich but now he is the richest man in Asia. This Bloomberg profile tells the story of how Ma started as a poor kid in China’s countryside, learned English, got rejected from a job … Continue reading

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Alan Greenspan On The “Twin Bubbles”

We suspect the duration and resolution of the twin bubbles will be a bit more complicated than the dot.com and credit/housing bubble — i.e., a swift waterfall collapse followed by a sharp rebound driven by the Federal Reserve to even … Continue reading

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Here’s Why Super Bowl Ticket Prices Are So Low – Bloomberg

Published on Jan 31, 2017 Jan.31 — CAA Premium Experience Executive Robert Tuchman discusses demand for tickets for the Super Bowl and package deals for the big game in Houston. He speaks with Scarlet Fu on “Bloomberg Markets.”

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Stress Test The Rose Colored Glasses!

Good piece by Bloomberg, The Pessimist’s Guide to 2017.  Always prudent to stress test your optimistic view as to what could go wrong. The Pessimist’s Guide to 2017 December 5, 2016 By John Fraher, Flavia Krause-Jackson and Mira Rojanasakul Donald Trump … Continue reading

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Apple Sold 47.5 Million iPhones in Q3 – Bloomberg

July 21 — Apple’s iPhone shipments for the fiscal third quarter and the company’s revenue forecast for the current period missed analysts’ projections, raising questions over whether demand for the device has peaked. Technalysis Research Founder and Chief Analyst Bob … Continue reading

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Flash Crash: How Spoofing Caused the Crash – Bloomberg

April 22 — Bloomberg’s Keri Geiger explains how the 2010 flash crashed happened. She speaks on “In The Loop.” –Subscribe to Bloomberg on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/Bloomberg (click here if video is not observable)

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Apple Watch Is Biggest Release Since iPad – Bloomberg

Feb. 27 — Jun Group CEO Mitchell Reichgut and Bloomberg’s Tim Higgins discuss the Apple watch with Bloomberg’s Cory Johnson on “Bloomberg West.” – Bloomberg (click here if video is not observable)

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Russian Economy in Crisis: Will We See Contagion? – Bloomberg

Dec. 31 –- Georgetown University School of Foreign Service Professor Angela Stent and West Shore Funds Chief Global Strategist James Rickards discuss Russian President Vladimir Putin and investing in Russia. — Subscribe to Bloomberg on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/Bloomberg (click here if … Continue reading

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Is Cheap Oil Bad for the U.S. Economy? – Bloomberg

Nov. 17 (Bloomberg) — Robert Bryce, senior fellow at Manhattan Institute, and Doug Kass, founder and president at Seabreeze Partners, discuss how oil productivity gains in the U.S. and around the world affect OPEC and the adverse economic effect of … Continue reading

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