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Inside the bitter Oval Office tariff fight – Axios

Interesting story by Axios about the war between Peter Navarro’s economic nationalist camp and Gary Cohn’s free trader-cohort inside the Oval Office which culminated in Cohn leaving the White House tonight. The money quote that says it all: Cohn tried to … Continue reading

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The “Navarro Falls” Beckon

Right on schedule the barrel and catalyst —  in the form of Gary Cohn’s resignation — cue up to take stocks over the waterfall. Let’s call it what it is, “The Niagara Navarro Falls“. . Cramer’s Mad Money Wow, it … Continue reading

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Gary Cohn Out

Buckle up, folks….. BREAKING: Gary Cohn resigns – NY Times https://t.co/jn8limUSe7 — CNBC Now (@CNBCnow) March 6, 2018

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Cohn Dropping In Prediction Markets As New Fed Chair

If tax reform looks stalled, and we should find out in the next few weeks, is there any reason for Gary Cohn to stick around if he concludes he won’t be appointed Fed Chair?  We wonder. Odds he will replace … Continue reading

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Get Shorty If The “Church Lady” Bolts La Casa Blanca

A stunning piece in the Washington Post posted last night about a potential conflict between President Trump and his Chief of Staff,  General John Kelly,  now dubbed the “Church Lady” by the White House staff. Political risk in Washington has diminished with … Continue reading

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Gary Cohn As Next Fed Chairman?

Politico out with a piece tonight citing souces that National Economic Council Director and Goldman alum, Gary Cohn, is the leading contender to replace Janet Yellen next January.    Interesting timing as it comes on the eve of Janet Yellen’s two-day … Continue reading

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