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Why Gold Is Such A Dog

Summary Gold prices have been in a bear market since the August 2011 peak at $1920 Prices are making new 52-week lows Gold has primarily been a monetary asset throughout history and moves closely with the global monetary base (GMB), … Continue reading

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The Chart That Floats Overvaluation

We hear a lot these days about how all assets are overvalued.  Very and don’t disagree. Lots of gurus and big money managers engaging in market crash talking.   Doubt it, but could be wrong.  Too much liquidity and cash in … Continue reading

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Monetarism Redefined: Crude, Fine Wine & Gold

“Inflation is Always and Everywhere a Monetary Phenomenon” – Milton Freidman Monetarism as a theory, which states that the variation in the money supply has major influences on national output in the short run and the price level over longer … Continue reading

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Gold a Bubble? Think Again!

Think gold is a bubble driven only by animal spirits and speculation?  We think not and have consistently maintained the fundamental driver of gold has been the massive accumulation of foreign exchange reserves by global central banks and their need … Continue reading

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