The Weekend Read

IT LOOKS like a planetary tattoo designed to be seen from space, a vast set of concentric circles inscribed in the skin of southern California’s desert. Ground was broken on the Ivanpah power plant, which is to be one of the biggest solar installations in the world, last October. Already, some of the rings of mirrors which will eventually concentrate acres-worth of desert sunshine on to collectors perched atop 140-metre-high towers are in place. And as of this week, so is the financing.  – Economist

China Net Seller of U.S. Treasurys in February – WSJ
China’s Inflation Accelerates, Adding Pressure – WSJ
Chinese companies go on global bond spree – FT
Moody’s cuts China property outlook to negative – Market Watch

Oil-Price Shock Is Hitting American Consumers Hardest – CNBC
Peak Fish and Other Insights from Agriculture 2.0 – Reformed Broker
Swan: Commodity prices on Australia G-20 agenda – MarketWatch

Investors Lose Appetite for Dollar – WSJ

Euro Zone Posts Record Monthly Inflation – WSJ

Emerging Markets
Brics Group Warns on Capital Flows – WSJ
Emerging markets inflation surges – FT

Euro Debt Crisis
Anger begins to infect Europe’s prosperous core – FT
Finland Could Block Portuguese Bailout – CNBC
Germans plan for Greek debt shake-up – FT
Ireland Gets the Moody’s Blues – WSJ
Is Germany bailing out euro-area countries to save its own banks? – Economist

High-frequency boom time hits slowdown – FT
How to forecast a stock-market top – MarketWatch
Market Outlook Negative Both Technically And Fundamentally – Comstock Partners
Mutual funds inflows of $8.9 billion in the latest week, ICI  – WSJ
Treasurys’ Strength Could Amaze Naysayers – WSJ

Monetary/Fiscal Policy
Are public sector pensions broken? – CNBC
California’s Governor Brown Seeks Vote on Taxes in Fall – WSJ
Federal Reserve’s path of destruction – David Stockman – MarketWatch
Obama lays out deficit-cutting vision – Market Watch
US lacks credibility on debt, says IMF – FT

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