The Weekend Read: McSwan Watch

Chinese speculators have emerged as a big driver of silver’s spectacular rally and subsequent crash with trading in the metal in Shanghai soaring nearly 30-fold since the start of the year.

The commodity, nicknamed “the devil’s metal” for its wild price swings, surged 175 per cent from August to a peak of almost $50 a troy ounce two weeks ago. Since then, it has plummeted 35 per cent, hitting a low of $32.33 on Thursday. – FT

China’s consumer inflation eases – MarketWatch
China’s Inflation-Fighting Strategy:Outlaw Talk Of Higher Prices – Forbes
Chinese Real Estate Developers Profits Drop, Debts Approach RMB1 Trillion – Spracht
The Coming China Scare – Minyanville
Yuan large step – Economist

Exxon says oil barrel should be in $60-$70 range – Reuters
J.P. Morgan’s hunt for Afghan gold – Fortune
Oil demand flattens as prices spike – FT
Rice, straw and coconut the new alternatives to wood – BBC
Silver price swings led by Shanghai trades – FT
Tempest rages in gasoline as US prices soar – FT
The Glitter Behind the Gold Rally – Barron’s
The Rare-Earth Crisis – Technology Review
Use Discretion on Gasoline Prices – WSJ

Big guns muffled as currency wars enter a lull – FT
Dennis Gartman: The Trend is For Much Stronger Dollar – CNBC
What Is The Purpose Of The Euro? – Forbes

Emerging Markets
Brazil told to invest windfall wisely – FT

3 Dow stocks that are in a slow death spiral – MarketWatch
Facebook Hired PR Firm to Target Google – WSJ
Petrobras told to lower petrol charges – FT
New App Rules Cause Ripples – WSJ
The People vs. Goldman Sachs – Rolling Stone
The Story Behind Search – Technology Review

Bailing out the bail-out – Economist
Every which way but solved – Economist
Germany powers eurozone expansion – FT
The eurozone’s journey to defaults – FT
Trichet the intransigent – Economist

Bill Gross: The Vigilante – Atlantic
On Expert Networks, the Jury Is Still Out – WSJ
Risk perception –
The 25 Biggest Hedge Funds – Deal Breaker
The new tech bubble – Economist

After the Arab Spring: Falling Tyrants – Atlantic

John Paulson’s take on markets – Investment Postcards

Monetary Policy
Milton Friedman’s Monetary Economics in Practice – Federal Reserve Board

Stakes Rise on Debt Vote – WSJ

Ford Demos a Car that Learns – Technology Review
GE and EADS to Print Parts for Airplanes – Technology Review

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