The Weekend Read: Bikini Wax Indicator

If you’re getting a bikini wax in Brazil, you’ll likely find that the cost is rising. And if you’re an economic policy maker, you’ll likely see that as a problem, since the bikini wax is one of the items the Brazilians track to figure out inflation.

As with services ranging from car repair to dentistry, the price of waxing is going up in one of the world’s most important emerging markets. Inflation is moving above the government’s target and may force Alexandre Tombini, the central bank president, to prolong his policy of interest-rate hikes.

Are These Havens Really the Safest Places to go? – WSJ
Bill Gross Says Savers at a Disadvantage for Years – Bloomberg
Gulf Islamic bond sales seen set for revival – Reuters
Hon Hai sells bond at 1.51 pct yield, exceeds expectations – Reuters
Mexico’s Pemex In Market With 30-Year Global Bond –WSJ

China to spend nearly $1 trln on roads, bridges in next 5 yrs –Xinhua – Reuters
China should raise interest rates by another 50bps: OECD – Reuters
China warns banks against “disguised” deposit rate rises – Reuters
Chinese banks may face spike in credit losses as Beijing cools economy, warns S&P – WSJ
Corriente’s Hart Bets Against China’s Yuan on Concerns of Rising Inflation – Bloomberg
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Crude prices vulnerable to physical trading tricks – FT
G-8: Rising commodity prices headwind to recovery – Market Watch
Goldman calls bottom of commodity market … six weeks after calling top – Guardian
Is Gasoline Demand Running on Vapors? – WSJ
Top Copper Producer Chile Sees Prices Staying High as China Economy Cools – Bloomberg
UAE to fix food prices as global commodities rise – Reuters

Contracts to buy U.S. homes fall to a 7-month low – AP
Economies around the world are growing more slowly – AP
Forget the debt ceiling and focus on debt – Glen Hubbard,  FT

Emerging Markets
Brazil’s Mantega foresees Brazil growth above global average – Reuters
China’s Interest in Farmland Makes Brazil Uneasy – NY Times
IMF follows the “hot” money in Brazil – BBC
In Brazil, the Bikini Wax Is a Harbinger of Inflation – Bloomberg
Mexico and Chile signal easing inflation concerns – Reuters

Fiat to buy US government’s Chrysler stake – FT
iPad taking some bite out of PC sales, says iSuppli – CNET

After Default, Greece Needs “Time-out” from Eurozone – Martin Feldstein
Debt contagion fears return to the eurozone – FT
ECB’s Balance Sheet Contains Massive Risks – Der Spiegel
Greek Leaders Fail to Reach Consensus on Austerity Measures – NY Times
The Euro Zone’s Brittle French Center – WSJ
Spanish police move against demonstrators – FT
What Would a Greek Haircut Mean for Germany? – Der Spiegel

Fischer to IMF? If Jupiter and Mars align and Brazil rebuffs Mexico, then maybe – WaPost
Seoul gives Lagarde bid for IMF job a boost – FT
The IMF’s Emerging Conflict – WSJ

G8 offers $20bn to aid Arab democracies – FT

Fitch Cuts Outlook on Japan Sovereign Debt to Negative – Reuters
Japan: Prices Up, But Deflation Not Over – NTD
Japan shows how to defuse debt time-bomb – Asia Times

May’s swoon disconcerts investors – FT

Monetary/Fiscal Policy
IMF sees few risks from the end of Fed’s QE2 – Reuters

A Car Battery at Half the Price – TR
Five Days of Tornado-Generating Storms as Seen from Space – TR
Healthy Aging in a Pill – Science News
10 Emerging Technologies 2011 – TR

Video: Shuttle’s Final Spacewalk

(click here if video is not observable)

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3 Responses to The Weekend Read: Bikini Wax Indicator

  1. Jim_Bon_Fleas says:

    Bikini Wax Indicator? How about posting a few photos, as we’d like to make sure we have all the facts.

  2. macromon says:

    Is that the Jim Bon Fleas of MG and Standard Bank?

  3. Jim_Bon_Fleas says:

    And the Monster Bar!

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