The Weekend Read: Blue Collar Blues

For much of 2010, the slumping economy was affecting white-collar, highly educated workers almost as much as it was affecting less educated and blue-collar workers. That’s no longer the case. In recent months, the economy has once again been easier on college graduates than it has on everyone else, much as it was during nearly all of 2008 and 2009.

The overall result is that the recession and its long aftermath have widened the portion of inequality that stems from education.

Last month, the share of four-year college graduates with jobs jumped to 74 percent, from 73.5 percent in April and 73.2 percent in January, according to Friday’s jobs report. That is the only educational group whose employment percentage is higher than it was in January.
– David Leonhardt,  NY Times

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Emerging Markets
Brazilian growth shows signs of softening – FT
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Anger mounts in Greece to bailout deal – Guardian
Euro in Crisis: Can it Survive? – Megan Mcardle
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Monetary/Fiscal Policy
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Moody’s warns of US default – FT
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US CREDIT-Debt worry draws speculators to US CDS – IFR
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How Friends Influence Gadget Adoption – TR
The digital wallet soon to be in every pocket – Reuters
Nvidia CEO, Qualcomm VP differ on ‘quad’ future – CNET
Peter Thiel Tells Why He Will Pay You to Drop Out of School – NY Times
Protein from Bones of 600K -Year-Old Mammoth Extracted Successfully – ScienceDaily
Tapping Quantum Effects for Software that Learns – TR
The Limits of Tornado Predictions – TR

Video:  China’s Li Na Wins French Open Championship

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