The Weekend Read: U.S. Open – Boehner v. Obama

Golf Digest estimates Mr. Obama’s handicap — perhaps generously, in the view of some golfers — at 17, meaning, theoretically, that the president would typically play 18 holes in the high 80s to low 90s. The magazine put Mr. Biden’s handicap at 6.3 and Mr. Boehner’s at 7.9.

Golf has long been considered a window into character, or at least personality. Both President Bushes would speed-golf through 18 holes as if they had to beat the clock, not the course, leaving little time for introspection. President Bill Clinton had a reputation for being somewhat loose with the rules.

Mr. Obama’s golf game is characterized by long, slow rounds, with a lot of time hunting for balls in the woods. The president, say people who have golfed with him, is meticulous, studied and determined to improve his game through practice, practice and more practice.  –  NY Times 

                           Ernest Hemingway “kicking the can down the road”

Plunge in Junk-Bond ETFs: Canary in the Risk Coal Mine? – Barron’s

China’s government at last owns up to problems at its monster dam – Economist
How China could yet fail like Japan – Martin Wolf
Scepticism about the accounts of Chinese companies spreads – Economist
S&P lowers outlook on China property – FT
Unrest spreads among China’s migrant masses – FT

Crude Oil Hits Four-Month Low – WSJ
Dennis Gartman: Gold Could Reach $1650 by Year’s End – CNBC
High-frequency trade sparks flash fires in commodities – Reuters
Will A Bailout Deal For Greece Spell Tougher Times For Gold? – Barron’s

Apple’s Product Pipeline (Video) – CNET
Capital One to Buy ING’s Online Bank for $9 Billion – NY Times
Honda tests fast-charging e-scooters in Spain – CNET

Goldman: Get Out of Bullish Yuan Bet – WSJ

California employers drop 29,200 jobs in May – LA Times
Fragile Greek relief rally under threat – FT
Global economy menaced by return of living dead – FT
How to avoid our own lost decade – Larry Summers
IMF Cuts Growth Forecast for Global Economy – WSJ
Philly Fed: Worst Three Month Decline Ever – Bespoke
The US economy flirts with its stall speed – Gavyn Davis
US inflation rise ties Fed’s hands on further easing – FT
What Google Searches Can Tell Us About a Double Dip Recession – WSJ

Emerging Markets
Venezuela’s Chavez: Maintaining Power From a Distance – Stratfor

Apple (AAPL) Closes Below Its 200-DMA for the First Time in 551 Days – Bespoke

Cautious welcome for Merkel move – FT
Greek banks and the leaked options paper – FT, Brussels blog
Merkel’s Hard Line Annoys European Partners – Der Spiegel
Merkel Shifts on Greek Aid – WSJ

America’s Most-Shorted Stocks – WSJ
Are ETFs the New CDOs? – II
Echoes Of Lehman: World Awaits Another High-Stakes Weekend – WSJ
ETFs Most Favored by Hedge Funds – II
How Low Can the Market Go?  – Barron’s
Oaktree Capital Files to Go Public – NYT DealBook
Managing Norway’s Sovereign Wealth (Video) – FT
Stocks’ Next Best Hope Are Corporate Earnings (Video) – MarketWatch
Why the big money isn’t always the smart money – MarketWatch

Monetary/Fiscal Policy
AARP Is Open to Cuts for Social Security Benefits – NY Times
Fed set to cut growth forecast during meeting –MarketWatch
Soft Patch 2 Is Main Influence on U.S. Rates: Caroline Baum – Bloomberg

Sovereign Debt
IMF: Debt-ridden eurozone countries ‘playing with fire’ – Telegraph
Sovereign Debt and the Five Stages of Grieving – Todd Harrison

Does Addictive Internet Use Restructure the Brain? – Scientific American
Drunk enough yet? Check your breathalizer watch – CNET
Elder care goes high tech – LA Times
Scientists Turn Memories Off and On With Flip of Switch – Science Daily
Smartphone data usage up 89%, cost per MB down 46% in U.S., study says – LA Times
Ultra-Bright Burst of Light Marks the Death Throes of a Star Being Eaten Alive – PopSci

Video:  Where’s Rory?
“Golf Boys” . . . Ben Crane, Bubba Watson, Rickie Fowler, & Hunter Mahan have formed the PGA’s exclusive boy band .

(click here if video is not observable)

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3 Responses to The Weekend Read: U.S. Open – Boehner v. Obama

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  2. I’ve played a lot of sports in my life, maybe only one at a pretty high level.
    Now I just referee HS basketball.
    Prez should heed this maxim: “If you keep your nose to the grindstone, all you’ll get is a sharp nose”.
    Golf is a frustratingly humbling pastime, one that is difficult to be consistent in its early stages.
    It’s just too late to noticeably bridge a cavernous gap, unless we’re talking his bowling game. Time makes the playing field out of level. Recall Michael Jordan’s baseball frustration.
    Having said all of this, if he enjoys the game as much as he does basketball and it can conjure up some social deals, then it may be well worth the effort.

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