The Weekend Read: Europe Gives Birth to the “Trichet Bond”

As explained in the Financing Offer, investors will be offered four new instruments in addition to the opportunity to participate in a debt buyback program to be established by the Greek government in consultation with the official sector. The instruments are structured to attract voluntarily a wide range of investors. The four instruments involve:

  1. A Par Bond Exchange into a 30 year instrument
  2. A Par Bond offer involving rolling-over maturing Greek government bonds into 30 year instruments
  3. A Discount Bond Exchange into a 30 year instrument
  4. A Discount Bond Exchange into a 15 year instrument

For instruments, 1, 2 and 3 the principal is fully collateralized by 30 year zero coupon AAA Bonds. For instrument 4, the principal is partially collateralized through funds held in an escrow account. All of the debt servicing risk on these new instruments, however, remains full Greek risk.
Institute of International Finance

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Bad economy may be mother of invention – USA Today
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The Lesser Depression – Paul Krugman
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Emerging Markets
Locally Denominated Emerging-Market Bonds Attract Fresh Capital – WSJ

Europe Debt Plan Relieves Pressure – WSJ
Europe finally admits its debt problem to save the euro – Joseph Stiglitz
Europe Must Choose a Currency Union or a Financial Union – Floyd Norris
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Fiscal/Monetary Policy & Debt
Debt and Delusion – Robert Shiller
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Moves to ease tension in South China Sea – FT
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Japan’s debt: The domino that never falls – Economist

Default Insurance Has Some Quirks – WSJ
Frank Quattrone on Bubble 2.0 — or is it? – CNN Money
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Big Science: The Universe’s Ten Most Epic Projects – PopSci
First Analysis of Trends on China’s Version of Twitter – Physics arXiv Blog
Nanosensor Tattoo Tracks Sodium and Glucose via iPhone App – TR
They came from Mars: Scientists begin the search for DNA on Mars – Scienceline
Sounds like space: recordings collected by NASA’s spacecraft – Scienceline

Video: Space shuttle Atlantis final landing: NASA 30-year program over

(click here if video is not observable)

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