Global Risk Monitor – August 18

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3 Responses to Global Risk Monitor – August 18

  1. Shane says:

    Anyone read the BIS 656 “Demographics will reverse three multi decade global trends.” report? Because it’s a nice dovetail into the manufacturing data showing a super tight labor force. In fact the report seems a bit panicked. Just wondering if anyone had an opinion on it I’d love to hear intelligent thoughts on both reports. Thanks guys

  2. macromon says:

    Thanks, Shane. I think demographics are the secular driver the world economy. Why we like India — medium age is 27 versus 45 in Germany and Japan. Will have a look.

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh yeah, the data is irrefutable. I agree 100%. I like India in 20 years though. The Trump administration’s H1B visa changes is their first hurdle and their stumbling. My concerns are how any economy functions in the future without drastic changes now. IMO the world should want the US to focus domestically and invest capital both physical and human, like crazy. A well educated, well paid, relatively debt free US consumer is the driver of the global economic engine. Anyways, it will require out of the box solutions. Just wanted thoughts from others considering the scope and importance of the problem. Thanks bud

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