Very Informative Update On Coronavirus


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4 Responses to Very Informative Update On Coronavirus

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  2. Bryan Elliott says:

    Thanks seems to “small” a word to use – I spent an hour at least trying to find useful info on this virus and was stymied using normal “news” sites. Then this email popped into my box and 20 minutes later I felt fully informed about my risks (I am retired in Las Vegas and tens of thousands of Chinese come here for Lunar NY). Yesterday (Friday) I made day 2 of a midstakes poker tournament by spending 12 hours at the Encore around people sneezing and coughing. If I were not playing for such a big prize pool I would consider not going tomorrow for the final day (when the prize pool will be issued over the course of the day as players get eliminated). Instead I got the last 2 packs of N-95 masks at Home Depot and feel ready to run the risk – but after hearing this video I think the odds this thing is now in town are quite high. I guess we will know for sure over the next 5-10 days or so. At least I hope that unlike the poor Chinese people being lied to blatantly by their government, we will be given at least some factual data interspersed within the propaganda – “we are doing all we can” “our fearless public servants are working 24-7 for YOU! (so make sure to re-elect me)” etc. etc.

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