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Sector ETF Technical Analysis – November 8

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Apple Closes Above 50-day SMA

Nice action is Apple today.  After breaking above its 50-day at around $459 it closed very strong.  Looks good on a technical basis. This should get the traders all lathered up.  One of our faves into earnings. By the way,  … Continue reading

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Gold’s 50-day Moving Average

If technical levels matter, they matter in gold.  Check out how it was rejected both Thursday and Friday right at the 50-day moving average. Looks like gold is about to break either way.  We’ll wait for confirmation.  Could the Bank … Continue reading

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Apple’s Textbook Bounce

Classic bounce of the 50-day moving average for Apple today.  The stock’s been behaving badly and let’s see if the correction is over.  Apple’s intraday turn helped reverse today’s market downdraft.   Watch Apple as the market tell. (click here … Continue reading

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Gold Breaks Out – Print Away!

Gold is up big today and trading like the monetary printing presses are ready to kick into overdrive.    We believe the recent Fed speak about QE3, possible BofJ intervention to weaken the yen, and  growing expectations that tomorrow’s announcement by … Continue reading

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All Major Global Equity Markets Close Below Their 50-day M.A.

What a difference a trading day makes.   As of Friday’s close only seven of the fourteen major global indices that we track were below their 50-day moving averages.  As of today, they all are.  The S&P500,  Dow (just barely),  Nasdaq,  … Continue reading

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S&P 500: Three Key Support Levels

Looks like a test of the 5o-day for the S&P500 is a no brainer (we get nervous over this term) as we broke the weekly lows of May 6th.   If the 50-day doesn’t hold,  traders will likely close the April … Continue reading

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Apple Closes Below 50-day Moving Average

After an impressive rally off its day low at 340.10,  Apple failed to close above ts 50-day moving average for the first time since September 2, 2010.  The stock was up 50 percent from August 24 to its March 4 … Continue reading

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