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Understanding America’s Political Divide And Existential Crisis

This a must view video, folks, if you really want to understand what ails and divides America politically, and why Trump’s base sticks with him. I had a great discussion today with Carol K., GMM’s crack stock picker about what … Continue reading

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It’s Truly Going To Be Different This Time

Can’t you just feel the political winds blowing as exemplified in this bloke’s timeless rant and with my grandmother’s brogue (Flynn of County Cork, btw)? Trump was has been just a Trojan Horse for the 0.1 percenters as a check to … Continue reading

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Is Real Populism On The Way?

The new cover of Time thinks so. Real populism is usually rooted in left-wing economic policies of soaking the rich, import-substitution trade policies and zero concern of protecting the wealth of the elites, which is mostly held in the financial genre of … Continue reading

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QOTD: Free Trade, Please…

  The only policy that left- and right-wing populists can agree on to address economic decline is trade protectionism, which will make the world poorer.  A new type of populism that puts more trust in local communities may well have … Continue reading

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Multiple root problems lie behind Italy’s economic woes – FT

Great synopsis of Italy’s economic and political woes by the FT. The country’s lagging GDP per capita is all you need to know to understand the cause of the political conflict and rise of left-right Italian populism. We were surprised … Continue reading

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