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The Global Pain of Rising Food Prices

We found some excellent data from a March 2010 USDA report on cross-country food expenditures and to no surprise lower income countries are getting slammed by the recent price spike.  The table is fairly self-explanatory showing the proportion of expenditures … Continue reading

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Tracking the Presidential Stock Cycle

What a stock market!  Just 29 days (11.5 percent of the year) of trading into the year and the S&P500 is already up 5.94 percent,  outperforming the Presidential Stock Cycle chart analog by 150 bps.  This market is not allowing … Continue reading

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Trend Reversal in Apparel Prices?

Good piece in the USA Today about the headwinds the clothing industry is facing and the  expected reversal of the almost 20-year decline in apparel prices. The USA Today/AP reports, Clothing prices have dropped for a decade as tame inflation … Continue reading

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Week in Review: 17.76% by July 4th?

Most of the week’s focus was on Egypt and managing risk around China’s tightening cycle as Asia returned from the holiday.   Developed equities continued their relentless rally with the Russell 2000 increasing 2.75 percent.   The Hang Seng and KOSPI got … Continue reading

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South Carolina Politico Wants to Create State Currency

State Sen. Lee Bright introduced legislation to create a new state currency in the event of a breakdown of the Federal Reserve System.  The Spartanburg Herald Journal reports, The Federal Reserve System has come under ever-increasing strain during the last … Continue reading

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Mark Zuckerberg, Modern Day Moses?

Time’s Man of the Year.  Now the new Moses?  The guy who’s invisible connectivity community helped bring down the Pharaoh of Egypt.  Mark Zuckerberg getting credit for Egypt’s revolution?   We were stunned last night as we watched Anderson Cooper … Continue reading

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Factoid of the Day: Yuan Dynasty’s Chao

Here is a little gem from the Gerson Lehrman Group, Many people don’t know this, but China was the first country in the world to use a true fiat paper money currency system during the Yuan Dynasty from 1271-1368. The name … Continue reading

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The Weekend Read: Mark Zuckerberg Credited for Egypt

Anderson Cooper 360 Interview With the “Google Ghandi”, Wael Ghonim BLITZER: Wael, this is Wolf Blitzer in Washington. So first Tunisia, now Egypt. What’s next? GHONIM: Ask Facebook. BLITZER: Ask what? GHONIM: Facebook. COOPER: Facebook. BLITZER: Facebook. You’re giving Facebook … Continue reading

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“Fort Sumter” Opens Fire: Battle for the Public Sector Is On

The battle for the public sector is on.  The Governor of Wisconsin just announced what amounts to be the abolishment of public sector unions in his state.   What an incredible contrast of the health of the private sector x/banks, reflected … Continue reading

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STRATFOR: Egypt’s Tipping Point

“There are some very heavy and complex negotiations underway. These negotiations are not just about titles or positions. There is also a lot of money involved, a lot of assets at stake, a lot of political careers on the line, … Continue reading

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