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Are the Droids Taking Our Jobs? MUST VIEW!

We really hope Fed Chairman Bernanke sees this Ted Talk by Andrew McAfee, a management research scientist at MIT’s Sloan School of Management.    QE∞ will not rollback the technological  forces that are shaping the global labor market and risks … Continue reading

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Jobs 2012: State Unemployment Rates

Good data  from the BLS today, In August 2012, 13 states and the District of Columbia recorded statistically significant over-the-month changes in employment, 7 of which were increases. The largest statistically significant increases in employment occurred in Texas (+38,000), Florida … Continue reading

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Peak Chinese Billionaires

Billionaires in China have fallen in numbers for the first time in seven year, according to a report by Hurun, a luxury magazine publisher. Hurun’s annual report on China’s richest 1,000 people said that this year, China had 251 people … Continue reading

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Nonlinear Thinking: A New Kind of Industrial Robot

A smarter, safer new industrial robot [Rethink Robotics] could bring automation to new areas of manual work and help many U.S. manufacturers regain a competitive edge. – Technology Review (click here if video is not observable)

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Apple Stalling?

Two things surprised us about Apple’s trading action on Friday. First,  given the mania around the iPhone5,  we were surprised the stock was not stronger.   Second,  how easy it was for sellers to knock the stock down from the morning’s … Continue reading

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Week in Review

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Shanghai Ugly

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Global Trend Indicators

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‘Toon of the Day: iMania

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TedTalks: What is the Internet, really?

When a squirrel chewed through a cable and knocked him offline, journalist Andrew Blum started wondering what the Internet was really made of. So he set out to go see it — the underwater cables, secret switches and other physical … Continue reading

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