Masters Week: Champions Dinner, Bikini Wax, and Tiger

Masters_ImageClick here for the past menus from the Masters Champion Dinners.

I think Phil’s 2007 menu is my favorite.  Gotta love the barbecued ribs, chicken, sausage, and pulled pork, with coleslaw.

Click on the above link and check it out.  What’s your favorite menu of the past Champion dinners?

This Year: Tiger’s Choice

Here’s what Tiger – last year’s champion served up on Tuesday night:

Global Macro Monitor Masters Champions Dinner Menu

Here’s what our menu would like like if we had the honor of hosting the dinner, serving up something very fitting to our golf game.

Yips and Salsa
Chunky Chili Dip
Fried Egg Salad Served In A Greenside Bunker

Main Course
Duck Hook Soup
Lamb Shanks
Red Snapper (served off a tee box)

Banana Slices
Snowman Ice Cream Cones

Drink Menu
DQ  Sparkling Water
Hosel Rocket Vineyard – 1997 Pinot Noir
T.C. Chen Double Hit – 1985 Chardonnay
OB Brewery Pale Ale

Served by Walter the Waiter.

Fore right!

Apr9_Masters Diinner

19th Hole Fodder:

Gary McCordBack in 1995, CBS television golf analyst Gary McCord got banned from the Masters for saying “they don’t cut the greens here at Augusta, they use bikini wax.” He also described the bumpy terrain as looking “suspiciously like body bags.”

These quotes are definitely not ideal for the Masters telecast, but it seems a warning or suspension could have been sufficient. McCord has a different type of humor, and his banter with David Feherty makes for good television. It would be nice to see him return to Augusta now that it’s been 16 years.

Tom Watson actually wrote a letter to CBS and the Masters chairman demanding that McCord be fired, and apparently this had a big effect on McCord’s future at the tournament.

McCord isn’t the first to be blackballed from the Masters. Jack Whitaker was taken off the air for comments during a playoff at the 1966 Masters when he called the gallery a “mob.” Whitaker’s suspension lasted four years.

Remember This?

Nike couldn’t ask for better marketing as the ball hung on the hole with the shoosh label was in perfect position.

Today’s First Round

Though play was suspended due to running out of daylight,  I like my three picks.  Justin Thomas 5 under after 10.  DJ in the hunt after 9, and Bryson after the double bogey he posted on No. 13 played the final 14 holes at 4 under.

Looks like my winning score of -12 is going to be way too high, and the course is setting up to break the lowest score in Masters history of 18 under par of 270, set by Tiger in 1997, and later equaled by Jordan Spieth in 2015.




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QOTD: Inflationary Pressure In The Pipeline

QOTD = Quote of the Day

Inflationary pressures have started to return to
the manufacturing sector, with October seeing the first – albeit slight – increases in both input costs and output
prices since the first half of 2019. Demand conditions
across manufacturing and its supply chain look to be
returning to something that resembles ‘normal’, and so
more firms have started to up prices. – German PMI, Markit

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Masters Week: Amen Corner, Baby!

Amen Corner comes from a jazz album

The term ‘Amen Corner’- used to describe the series of holes around the 11th, the par three 12th and 13th holes – was first used in print by author Herbert Warren Wind in an issue of Sports Illustrated in 1958. However, in another piece 26 years later, he revealed that 1930’s jazz number entitled ‘Shoutin in that Amen Corner’ was his inspiration. – Golf 365

Read the full article here

Shouting At The Amen Corner

Brothers and sisters we got hypocrites in this crowd
Brothers and sisters some of you are shoutin’ too loud
You’ll find out on judgment day you can’t fool the Lord that way
Brothers and sisters hear all I’ve got to say

You can shout with all your might but if you ain’t livin’ right
There’s no use shoutin’ in that amen corner
If your name on that roll all that noise won’t save your soul
So stop your shoutin’ in that amen corner
Just because you’ve paid your dues doesn’t mean your saved
You can’t win them golden shoes if you haven’t behaved
you better think before you shout for your sins will find you out
So stop that shoutin’ in that amen corner

I can’t hear my own self praechin’
For your shoutin’ and your screachin’
You make me forget my text
Every meetin’ leaves me vexed
Why you come here and pray on Sunday
Then you serve the devil Monday
If you want to save your soul
Better get some self control

You can shout with all your might but if you ain’t livin’ right
There’s no use shoutin’ in that amen corner
If your name on that roll all that noise won’t save your soul
So stop your shoutin’ in that amen corner
Shoutin’ here don’t mean a thing if your playin; with fire
Change your ways or you won’t sing in that heavenly choir
Makes no difference how you look if your record ain’t in that book
You’ve heard my preachin’ every one
so put old satan on the run
So stop that shoutin’ in that amen corner

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Rising Yuan Shows China’s Economy Strengthening

Here are two reasons why the yuan is showing new strength. Insights via @CME Group:…

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Masters Week: Jack and German POWs (BFTP)

BFTP: Blast From The Past

Master’s Week in November. Whoa!

My top three picks this week for total money won:  Dustin Johnson, Bryson DeChambeau, and Justin Thomas, with DJ taking home the Green Jacket.

Originally Posted on

Masters_ImageAnswer to yesterday’s Masters quiz question:

Anthony Kim posted 11 birdies in the second round of the 2009 Masters.

Here’s some more 19th hole fodder to impress your buddies and something I bet you didn’t know about Augusta:  German POWs from nearby Camp Gordon built the bridge over Rae’s Creek next to the 13th tee box during WWII.  They were part of Rommel’s Panzer division in North Africa responsible for building bridges to enable tanks to cross rivers.

While Augusta National is famed for its almost unnaturally beautiful flora, as it turns out some rather interesting fauna once called the course home as well: 200 heads of cattle and more than 1,400 turkeys. From 1943 until late 1944, Augusta National was closed for play and transformed into a farm of sorts to help support the war effort. Some of the turkeys were given to club members during Christmas (meat rations were in effect) while the rest were sold to local residents to help fund the club. And the cows? Well, they acted as natural lawnmowers but also inflicted quite a bit of damage to Augusta National, devouring many of the course’s famed plants and shrubs.

To help repair cattle-related damage and revive Augusta National for its reopening, 42 German prisoners of war from nearby Camp Gordon were shuttled back and forth to work on the course.

Writes John Strege in “When War Played Through: Golf During World War II:”

“The POWs had been with the engineering crew serving Rommel, the Desert Fox, in North Africa, part of the Panzer division responsible for building bridges that enabled German tanks to cross rivers. It was a useful skill for the renovation work to be done at Augusta National. The Germans were asked to erect a bridge over Rae’s Creek adjacent to the tee box at the thirteenth hole.”

The Masters resumed at Augusta National — now free of German prisoners and barnyard animals — in 1946. And interestingly enough, the Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces in Europe during World War II, Dwight D. Eisenhower, later became a member of Augusta National. Two Augusta National landmarks bearing Eisenhower’s name still stand today: the Eisenhower Tree (a loblolly pine at the 17th hole that the former president and avid golfer repeatedly struck with golf balls and requested be cut down; photo above) and the Eisenhower Cabin (built in the 1950s according to Secret Service security guidelines by the club for the former president’s visits).


Today’ (November 10, 2020) Practice Round

Jon Rahm “skips the pond” to ace #16.  Amazing!


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This Is How It’s Done


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How to Tell the Difference Between ‘Cyclical’ Companies and ‘Secular’ Companies

Cyclical companies are sensitive to economic cycles and their stocks outperform the market when the economy is doing well and underperform when the market is doing poorly. Secular companies generally underperform when the economy is strong and overperform when the economy is weak.

Insights via @CME Group:…

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How It Happened

[Before our post, It’s Showtime: GMM/Grace Election Prediction, Global Macro Monitor conducted an internal poll about personal predictions on the election outcome.  Carol K.’s –>  Ok, my predictions: 305 EV Biden; wins pop vote by 5.937985%.   If Biden holds on to Nevada, Arizona, Michigan, and can pull out Pennsylvania and Georgia after all the votes are counted, that gives Biden 306 EC votes.  Not bad, CK!]

By Carol K.

Most Americans, whether they admit it or not, have long truly believed in America First.  Growing up in the 1970s and 80s in West Virginia, I spent many evenings at the dinner table listening to my father rant about all the foreign aid America spent on other countries when there were Americans (white ones, folks that looked like him) who needed the help.  He was calling for programs to retrain coal miners back in the 70s-80s when it was evident technology and automated mining equipment was replacing large numbers of miners, and these good people needed jobs.

Americans, in general, are sick and tired of fighting endless wars in the Middle East for unappreciative Muslims who despise us and our presence.

Many Americans dislike and don’t trust the Chinese and want their factory jobs back, especially in the hard-hit Rust Belt.

Americans are sick of going to Walmart and having announcements made in English and Spanish.  My personal life experience taught me if you move to just about any other country in the world, you better know how to speak/read the national language, at least at a functional level, and be prepared to assimilate into the local culture.

It’s my argument that all these “unexpected” votes cast for Donald J. Trump were basically in favor of his “America First” platform. It is estimated that around 85% of Americans don’t follow politics or government news closely; they’re too busy living their lives.

Most people live in a 30-second sound-byte world. Hearing these targeted, short snippets from Trump makes him sound pretty good to them like he understands their lives and how they feel.

Try, if you will, to imagine living in that world — where you don’t closely follow the news because you’re too busy working, taking care of your family, helping others in your community, following your favorite sports teams, etc.

If all you knew of Donald Trump was his ideas, it would be:  he runs on America First, advocates to end the endless wars, bring our good-paying jobs back to America, deport illegal immigrants and make tougher – but not eliminate — legal entry to the United States — then you might just support him too.

No doubt a large portion of the vote pollsters and pundits expected to go to Biden — those people who support these ideas but don’t realize Trump isn’t really working for them were likely afraid or embarrassed to admit they’d vote for a monster who put kids in cages.  I mentioned to Gregor this seems to me like the polls leading up to Brexit — if one admitted to voting in favor of leaving the EU, they were labeled a racist, so respondents lied to the pollsters, in political science circles known as, The Bradley effect.

Most Trump voters I know here in Montana are really good people. They’re people who’d give you their last dollar if you need it.  Hard-working people love their families, love their communities, and are rightly proud of their beautiful, picturesque state. They’re also people who generally support the law & order and the America First agenda promoted by Donald Trump.

Whether it is true or not,  we can’t dismiss the fact GOP messaging has been really good (for the GOP) at nailing home the fact that the Democratic Party is increasingly controlled by socialist “whack-jobs” like AOC (NY Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez), Bernie Sanders, even Elizabeth Warren (sorry Professor CG).  Note that I say it’s the effectiveness of the GOP messaging, not that it’s necessarily true.

I am convinced the media and educated elites overestimated the degree to which people would vote for Joe Biden simply because they find Trump so distasteful and morally bankrupt, not to mention a never before seen (in modern times anyway) level of ignorance on issues a POTUS should be expected to know.  Elites tend to see things a certain way and assume everyone else shares their superior education, life experiences, and empathy levels.  These elites mistakenly assume others from different backgrounds look at Trump and feel repulsed by his actions toward his fellow humans and how he’s treated our longstanding Allies.  But if one doesn’t read or follow current events as widely as they (educated elites and hardcore political junkies) do, you miss a lot of it.

These are the primary reasons I believe Trump polls so well with middle America; they are convinced they think he understands how to fix the major problems they see confronting America.

Yet to admit one supports these policies, and to vote for Trump to carry them out, earns the scorn of the arrogant coastal elites — and why should any of us in middle America have to “take it” from them?

Well, it looks like we/they didn’t, and the pollsters/elites got egg all over their faces.  Of course, these same elites will now turn this into a story about fraud — which certainly needs to be investigated and see folks go to prison if found guilty, the Postmaster-General, case n point.  This doesn’t dismiss my thesis that middle America voted in numbers far more significant than expected in favor of a policy that puts America first and enforces law and order.

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It’s Showtime: GMM/Grace Election Prediction

Correction posted at 8:41 PM PT, November 2
–  Our original post earlier this evening assigned too many EC votes to Michigan, 26 instead of the correct 16.  We have now corrected the mistake and made the appropriate edits.
Correction posted 11:56 AM PT, November 3 – A friend pointed out this morning we had Rhode Island, the bluest of blue states, in the worng colunm for Trump.  We have moved the states 4 EC votes over to Biden and made the appropriate edits.

I will never forget the election-eve of four years ago.   The members of my debate club had been making predictions on the outcome of the presidential elections going back the last 12 years.

I held out making mine until the last minute and popped into Barnes & Noble just before they were closing.   I noticed the “Madame President” magazines had already been placed on the racks.   Bad omen, I thought.

I emailed my prediction when I got home.

“Trump wins electoral college, Hillary the popular vote.” 

The skeptical emails came back,  “are you sure?”

Ironically, from the same people that are trashing the election prediction that my daughter and I came up with tonight as part of a thought experiment for her government class.

Huge Increase In Turnout

Given the huge early voting, close to 100 million, 75 percent of the total 2016 vote, as we write, we project total turnout will increase by 20 percent over 2016’s total vote to 163 million.

Though these numbers are distorted by the COVID pandemic and thus lots of noise, we think much of the new turnout will come from the younger generations, who overwhelmingly support Biden;  and from those coming out to vote against the President, not to reaffirm his presidency.

Our Projections &  Analysis   

Biden wins 350 EC votes and 51.4 percent of the popular vote, beating Trump by 7.8 percent.

This is not that far from the predictions we made in April.

We suspect a Blue 1980-ish outcome in the popular vote where Trump wins around 41 percent of the popular vote (close to where he is currently polling), which is about the same percentage as President Carter won, but wins a bit more than the six states than Carter did in the electoral college.

For example, if Trump loses Michigan (65% prob), Pennsylvania (61% prob), Arizona (54% prob), and Florida (47% prob) and manages to hold all the other 26 states he took in 2016, that puts him at 228 electoral votes, well short of the 270 needed for reelection. – GMM, April 13, 2020

We also think this may be even too conservative and Biden could take Ohio and Texas, which would give him 412 electoral votes versus 126 for Trump.

Of course, we will be off and wrong on many of the numbers below but we’re in the arena, folks.  Heed the words of TR and hold your stones before casting them at those who stumble in the arena.

As they say,  “stay tuned.”




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