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Cleveland Fed Dishes On Yield Curve Signal

Check out the latest from the Cleveland Fed president,  Loretta Mester: Mester advised that there is “no evidence” for thinking that a flatter curve signals a weaker economy at this time, Reuters reported. She added that “structural factors,” such as bond-buying by central … Continue reading

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Chart of the Day: Operation Twisted Yield Curve

Interesting chart from Bloomberg on how the Fed’s treasury holdings have changed under operation twist, or more formally, the Maturity Extension Program and Reinvestment Policy. After the end of the month no more selling of the short end to buy … Continue reading

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Is the Bond Market’s Arab Spring Upon Us?

Ugly action in bonds over the past few days. In last month’s post,  Is the Fed ready for the bond market’s Arab Spring?, we suspected the Fed needed more ammo to continue their repression of long-term rates.   Yesterday Mr. Bernanke … Continue reading

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“Rent Control” Misnomer

A friend of the Global Macro Monitor corrects us on our post, Fed’s “Rent Control” Policies Starting to Distort, The fact that the fed is fiddling with the yield curve disguises the equilibrium price of LT debt. The way the fed … Continue reading

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Is the Fed Contributing to the Credit/Mortgage Crunch?

One of the smartest hedge fund managers we know spends most of his day locked away in his office analyzing how the market consensus could be wrong.  He hangs with au contraire crowd, breaking bread with contrarians and demands you … Continue reading

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