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‘Toon of the Day: Populist Religion

Does that look like Jamie? (click here if cartoon is not observable)

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Cliff Diving – Day 12: Give ’em Hell, Harry!

Geez, we’re off the desk for less than 12 hours and the Senate Majority Leader (SML) takes an ugly stick to the stock market.   Far from the trading action, but here’s our read Reid. Let’s start with Harry talking to … Continue reading

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Nonlinear Thinking: More New Industrial Revolution

Great lecture from Google Talks. Chris Anderson gives a great big picture view of the new revolution taking place and ready to accelerate.  Short Chimerica and get long the next big thing! He also lays it all out in his … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day: The Full Monti

For Germany, economics is a branch of moral philosophy. Growth is the prize for ethical behaviour. On the part of the individual – by saving – and on the part of the group – through budgetary equilibrium. – Mario Monti, … Continue reading

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Stock Picking Matters: Apple v Microsoft

Stock picking is true for even us Global Macro types. Past may not be prologue as the WSJ article from where the chart is sourced argues,  but this is one incredible 10-year outperformance. Microsoft for the past decade also has … Continue reading

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Gone Surfin’

We’ll be off the desk the next few days taking on the best of what the California coast can roll at us.   Not sure if we will have access to the tech for real-time commentary.   Best efforts, however. We do … Continue reading

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The Shanghai Cliff

The Shanghai Composite is trading very sloppy again and looks like a break of the 3-year low at 1995 is in the cards.  Last week it tested and bounced twice off this level on rumored government intervention. Kimble Charting Solutions … Continue reading

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Apple Again

Apple was up an impressive $18, or 3.15 percent,  in today’s relatively weak market. Forbes reports sales are off to a strong start this holiday season and quotes several positive notes from analysts, Ben Reitzes, Barclays Capital: “Our checks back … Continue reading

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Greece Is The Word….And A Done Deal

After the Eurozone’s failure to conclude a Greek deal last week, we posted So the hangup is not over whether there will be a deal, but what type and how much debt relief Greece will be granted by the official … Continue reading

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Cliff Diving – Day 11

Resilient. After last week’s low volume ramp, stocks were prepared to be flogged by the bears.  Two hours into trading and a 10-point flop in the S&P500,  the selling dried up and, led by Apple (+ 3.15 percent),  stocks began … Continue reading

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