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Hugh Hendry and David Einhorn at the Buttonwood Gathering

Spend some time over the weekend listening to Hugh Hendry and David Einhorn, who were participating in the Economist’s Buttonwood Gathering this week. Nice to hear from some non-cheerleaders.   Smart and provocative. Hendry is very bearish on the creditor nations … Continue reading

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Julian Robertson on CNBC

Maria interviews the “Great One.”    Money quotes, “I think our economy and some of the things overseas are having a big effect on investors,” Robertson said. “I think right now a lot of very good investors have become so frightened … Continue reading

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CNBC Interviews Jim Grant

In case you missed this fascinating interview with Jim Grant. He plans to open the “Office of Unintended Consequences” when he is appointed Fed Chairman. The money quote, “All of us investors live and work in kind of a hall … Continue reading

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Niall Ferguson and Peter Thiel At Harvard

Two of our favorite thinkers, Niall Ferguson and Peter Thiel, discuss many of the most important issues of the day.    Good stuff! A conversation with: Peter Thiel, founding CEO of PayPal; Member, Board of Directors, Facebook; entrepreneur; and venture capitalist … Continue reading

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Hugh Hendry’s ‘Greatest Hits’

Now for some weekend entertainment. Hugh Hendry is one of our favorite hedge fund managers and OSD — one smart dude.  Watch how H-squared gives facials to the academics in the video, especially Jeffrey Sachs.  Stiglitz was soooo wrong on … Continue reading

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Charlie Rose: Arminio Fraga In the Greenroom

Great short piece – 3:37 minutes — with our friend and former colleague, Arminio Fraga.   He discusses his first job; gives career advice; his career low and high points;  current work;  favorite books; and the greatest challenge facing Brazil.    … Continue reading

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HBR: The Real Leadership Lessons of Steve Jobs

Walter Isaacson follows up his biography of Steve Jobs with an “insanely great” piece in the April HBR.   He drills down on the factors that helped to catapult the legendary entrepreneur into an elite league of American business leaders, including … Continue reading

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Fareed Zakaria: Interview with George Soros

Here is Fareed’s interview with George Soros from a couple weeks ago that we’ve been meaning to post and thought you’d find interesting.   We suspect the 15 minutes you spend watching it will return a nice dividend.   Enjoy. (click here … Continue reading

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Fareed Zakaria’s GPS: Krugman and Rogoff

Great exchange between Krugman and Rogoff on Fareed’s GPS yesterday.   Here’s the money rumble: FAREED ZAKARIA:  Paul, you had a column and a really striking graph, where you point out that if you’d asked yourself what has the market told … Continue reading

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Are the Markets Driving European Politics?

Der Spiegel poses the question to former Deutsche Bank CEO Hilmar Kopper in an interesting interview. SPIEGEL: The markets are driving politics, leaving no doubt as to who is really in charge. Kopper: I think that’s nonsense. Why does the … Continue reading

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