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A Note From A GMM Reader…

Passing on a note (email) we just received from a Global Macro Monitor (GMM) reader, who is vacationing on the beach in Mexico.   By the way, he is not a free rider.  He made a nice contribution to GMM (see … Continue reading

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No Joy In Shortsville As Noise Traders Find No Sellers

In 1990 Brad De Long, Andrei Scheifer, Larry Summers, and Robert Waldmann published, Noise Trader Risk in Financial Markets, in the Journal of Political Economy.   The piece made the distinction between short-term traders with long-term investors and concluded that their … Continue reading

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Kondratiev Wave: End to 30-year bond market rally

Interesting stuff from this morning’s CNBC European Squawk, The updated reading of the work of 1920s Russian economist Nikolai Kondratiev shows that interest rates have reached the bottom of a 60-year-long wave, and are bound to go up, Chris Watling … Continue reading

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Equity Bulls Battle on Two Fronts

The slow improvement of the U.S. economy, reflected in weekly jobless claims, coupled with QE2 is providing an underlying bid to the equity market, which is surprising to many, given the increasingly ugly global macro picture.  On the Western Front, … Continue reading

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