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No Joy In Shortsville As Noise Traders Find No Sellers

In 1990 Brad De Long, Andrei Scheifer, Larry Summers, and Robert Waldmann published, Noise Trader Risk in Financial Markets, in the Journal of Political Economy.   The piece made the distinction between short-term traders with long-term investors and concluded that their … Continue reading

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This dog has hurt us big time over the years. So much for state-directed capitalism and one reason, in our opinion, why the markets are shitting BRICs! Back in 2008 Goldman Sachs listed Petrobras’ share price at $60, now-a-days it … Continue reading

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Ruchir Sharma: Breakout Nations and the Commodity Bubble

This CNBC Fast Money interview with Ruchir Sharma is a must view.  His newly published book, Breakout Nations, also looks like a must read and is in definitely on our reading list. Sharma also has a good piece in The … Continue reading

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Building the New World Order: BRIC By BRICS

(click here if video is not observable)

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Week in Review: Can the European Center Hold?

What a week.  What a year.  Who would have predicted that U.S. bonds, even in foreign currencies and a sovereign downgrade, would be outperforming the BRIC equity indices and copper by several hundred basis points in mid-August?   Stunning and a … Continue reading

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The Russia Forum 2011 – Faber and Taleb

Is Russia the Best or Worst in BRIC? The discount to which Russia trades when compared to Brazil, China, and India begs the question of whether Russia is in fact a fast growing emerging economy. Whilst the consumer and financial … Continue reading

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The Comps of Doing Business in the G5 and BRICs

The President spoke a lot about competitiveness in his State of the Union last night so we thought we’d do a little comparative analysis.  Sorry to throw so many charts at you but we think they’re a little more sexy … Continue reading

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THICK AS A BRIC – U.S. Stocks Outperform Star E.M.s

To the surprise of many, the U.S. stock indices are set to outperform those of the beloved BRICs in 2010.   As of December 23rd, China and Brazil are down for the year with the Russian RTS the top performer, up … Continue reading

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IMF Concludes 403.3 Tonne Gold Sale

The International Monetary Fund announced today they have concluded their sale of 403.3 metric tonnes of gold, which was approved by the Executive Board in September 2009.   From the press release, These sales are a central element of the new income … Continue reading

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Gold Spike Coming? Straw BRICs to Gold BRICs

There’s lots of chatter about China buying gold.  It was a big factor in Friday’s $30 move.  Jim Cramer was all over it, pounding the table the “secular trend” is not going away. The Wall Street Journal reported Friday, Data … Continue reading

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