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Why the end of the Swiss ceiling? – FT

(click here if video is not observable)

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The Ideal Portfolio: Gold, Sugar, Bunds & Francs

Imagine your investment adviser proposing a sweetened barbell portfolio of gold, white sugar, Swiss francs, and German bunds in 2007 with a 5-year time horizon.   You would of likely canned the wacko faster than they sold Nike stock last week. … Continue reading

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Seriously? Swissie a Safe Haven During a Banking Crisis?

Here’s in an interesting chart, originally posted over at Zero Hedge, that makes us wonder do we really want to be long the Swiss franc during a European banking crisis?   Note the chart may be a little dated, but we … Continue reading

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Week in Review: Can the European Center Hold?

What a week.  What a year.  Who would have predicted that U.S. bonds, even in foreign currencies and a sovereign downgrade, would be outperforming the BRIC equity indices and copper by several hundred basis points in mid-August?   Stunning and a … Continue reading

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Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride!

Wow! What a day.  Incredible moves.   Scared markets.   Capital stampeding like buffalo not knowing where to go.   Great if you’re on the right side of the volatility, but you still needed a neck brace from the whiplash. It’s gonna … Continue reading

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