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President Trump Is Not Your Father’s Conservative

Summary The U.S. government’s cumulative monthly deficits in the first 29 months of the Trump Administration has almost doubled from the prior 29 months The sum of monthly deficits totaled $1.08 trillion during the period Sep. ’14 to Jan ’17 … Continue reading

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Cliff Diving – Day 8

Watching paint dry!  Boring market. Equities moved a little higher on the back of the Israeli/Hamas cease-fire announcement.  It’s easy to get ground up trying to trade such a directionless market.   No volume, but, still, the market is holding its … Continue reading

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Negotiating the Fiscal Cliff w/ Infographics

On Monday we noted the cheeky tweet sent out by House speaker,  John Boehner, asking where were the President’s spending cuts.   We just received this through a robo e-mail from Obama for America. We’re starting sense the Kumbaya good feelings … Continue reading

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Cliff Diving – Day 6

No politician, no cry. The President is out of country and Congress is not in session.   Though Speaker Boehner tweeted a cheeky remark about where’s the President’s spending cuts,  all was quiet at the edge of the fiscal cliff. … Continue reading

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Cliff Diving – Day 3

Now it gets  interesting. Fiscal Cliff Monitor (FCM) Stocks down 1-2 percent with the Russell down 50 bps more than the S&P5oo;  defense down 2.38%;  VIX up 6 1/2%;  dollar and bond flat, which is interesting on the back of … Continue reading

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Job Creation During the Obama Administration

We’ve analyzed total job creation during the Obama administration and present the results here in a format similar to the monthly payrolls report.    We’ve also broken down the government sector into federal, state, and local, further breaking out the … Continue reading

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Picture of the Day: ‘Cause Baby, You’re a Firework

Thank goodness it will be over Tuesday night.  Or will it? (click here if photo and video are not observable)

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August Presidential Polls vs. Final Vote Count

It’s August and time to start thinking about the Presidential election though nothing really matters until after Labor Day,  in our opinion,  especially in a race that is so tight.   The latest Gallup tracking poll of registered voters has the … Continue reading

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Sniffing The Romney Rally?

It’s very difficult for us to explain, on the fundamental basis,  why the market has been so bid over the past few days after Monday’s ugly reversal. Could this be it? The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Wednesday shows Mitt … Continue reading

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Romney’s Odds Ramp on Deteriorating Employment Data

Check out the trading at Intrade right around the employment data released this morning.  The odds of Romney winning the November election ramped about 3 percentage points right after the jobs number was released. Rahm Emmanuel in an interview with … Continue reading

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