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eMac Rising: Macron Addresses Joint Session of Congress

eMac (Emmanuel Macron)  is emerging has emerged as the new “leader of the free world.” He was well received by the U.S. Congress today in an address to a joint session.   Remember Freedom Fries? Today’s speech on Capitol Hill by the … Continue reading

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Inflation Is Here, Get Used To It

I stopped to grab a burger in Marin County today and was kind of shocked to see the following posted on the front door.     That is a pretty steep starting wage for nonskilled labor, and $5.00 more than … Continue reading

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JFK-Trump S&P Tracking Like A Tomahawk Cruise Missile

We had several requests after the close to update the JFK-Trump S&P analog given today’s ugly market. The analog continues to track like a Raytheon tomahawk cruise missile, acting with the precision as if its  guided with the same Digital … Continue reading

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Why Google Is A Short

We live in a social media economy. Many of our largest companies are in the social media space, such as Google and Facebook.   What exactly do they produce?  Not cars, not planes, not trains. They have strange business models as … Continue reading

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Quality Of Earnings?

Rosie is a bear but a credible bear, and not a perma-bear. The financial engineering game ends when the government starts to play. Glushkin Sheff's Dave Rosenberg: nearly 2/3 of US corporate profit growth is due to tax cut and … Continue reading

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This Is NOT The Reagan Stock Market

Facts do not matter anymore.  Opinions are now facts.  We truly live in dangerous times. Reagan And Trump Stock Market We were stunned by an article posted on the CNBC website over the weekend, The Trump stock market looks a … Continue reading

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Big Week For Earnings

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Week In Review – April 20

Bond Yields, Bond Yields, and More Bond Yields  The U.S. 10-year closed at its highest yield on a weekly basis since year-end 2013. A weekly close above 3.03 percent signals big trouble ahead.   The confluence of fundamentals – i.e., inflationary … Continue reading

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Sector ETF Performance – April 20

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Global Risk Monitor – April 20

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