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Stratfor: The International Shale Gas Industry

As natural gas prices hit record lows in the U.S.,  Stratfor provides an excellent overview on the current state of the shale gas industry and its future. Natural gas prices have now plunged so low there isn’t a significant player … Continue reading

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Mother Nature Spouts Off

Wow!  Some incredible video out of Australia.  Makes you kind of think the earth’s atmosphere is becoming as unstable as the global markets!  Wonder if quantitative easing would help?  (click here if video is observable)

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China Rate Hike: Four Markets to Watch

Fearsome Foursome We’re watching the reaction in four markets to gauge how the Christmas gift from the Kings of the East will affect global risk appetite.   The People’s Bank of China increased both the benchmark lending rate by 25 basis … Continue reading

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China Rising: THE MARKET for Exports

We thought these charts of export markets from Barclays Capital to be very illustrious of the dynamic changes taking place in global trade.  China is becoming a larger export market than the U.S. for many countries, including Australia, Brazil, Korea, … Continue reading

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